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The Necklace Keep

SKU: 0003
  • In Medieval times, the Keep was considered the safest place of the castle. It was used as a last resort of retreat from the adversary. As such, we thought it a fitting place to store your priceless and treasured necklaces.


    The Keep is entered by clasping the lantern on the outside of the stone wall and pulling to the left. The joints on the stone separate and Keep chamber comes into view. Six hooks are positioned on the inner wall on which to hang your golden chains. 


    At the bottom, concealed in the floor, another small hiding place is accessed by removing the turned lid. If desired, the floor on top of the Battlements can also be used to store jewels .


    Atop the roof of the Keep is a pole on which to proudly display a flag with your initials on it. 


    Each Keep is made in fine hardwoods, turned on the lathe and painstakingly detailed with carving tools. Many separate pieces are fastidiously fashioned to add realism to the Keep.

    • 10 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide (at base)
    • Battlement is 4 1/2"
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