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Sorcerer's Tower

SKU: 0005
  • Every wizard possesses a special tool they use to cast their spells and perform their magic - their wand! But like all valuable possessions, wands must be kept safe. What better place than in the castle tower itself? 


    This keep (tower) can be part of the custom castle group, or it can stand alone by your bedstand, dresser, or in a hidden cupboard.


    The magic wand is concealed inside the tower and is only revealed by removing the roof, and then pulling up on the clear shaft that houses the wand.


    Each tower is especially handcrafted from fine hardwoods and detailed to look like stonework of old. The towers are coated inside & out with lacquer for beauty and longevity.


    Stain colors are available.

  • The wand tower stands 18 1/2" tall by  3 1/4" wide (at the base).

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