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Just as the King and Queen had their castle to hide behind as a defense, a Knights armour was there to protect him.


The largest piece of Knight's armour was his shield. It could also show his ancestral heritage or the house he was defending.


These decorative or purposeful shields are made or tough laminated plywood to equal ½” in thickness. They are each bowed to approximately 3” high in the center to make a nice recess area for your arm to slip through and hold onto the strapping.  They weigh approximately 5 pounds - light enough to maneuver easily but strong enough to fend off your attacker.


All our shields are meant for both beauty and function - yes, you can use these for Cosplay, LARP, SCA, and more.


  • ~ Unfinished wood


                           Painted and lacquered

                           Stained and lacquered

                           Decals of choice

                           Coat of arms 



    • 1” wide by 1/8” thick Leather with buckels



    ~Adult ...approx  22"wide by 30" tall

    ~Child...approx   15" wide by 22" tall



      ~ Eight different styles are available

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